May 24, 2012

oh my gosh.

This seriously has to stop...I keep promising you guys posts and when was my last post? January? And it's mid-may right now.  I feel terrible that I've been the opposite of loyal to all of you amazing readers/followers.  I know you guys probably don't want me to rant on and on about my apologies, but please forgive me?(: I am for sure back on schedule, every Wednesday.  It's just been super crazy with school because since my 8th grade year is coming to an end, our teachers are piling projects, homework, and novels on us for it to be completed before graduation.  UGH.
I've never forgotten about this blog or all of you readers, but I must confess it's hard for me to gather the minimal strength to get off my lazy butt and make a post...

Oh and I need somewhere to edit my pictures!! Picnik has left me hanging, and now I don't know what to do..please please please help me.  I will give you a cookie.  Warm and soft, with oozing chocolate chips inside. Oh yes, I know you'd want that.  Or a red velvet cupcake, whatever you wish.
Anyone know where to get free custom blog designs?  This layout is wayyy too old and I need a fresh new start.  New theme, colors, font, header, menu, links, everything.

Anyways, I guess I could say that I've changed a bit since the last time you've all heard from me.  This blog is still going to have my photography, but I'm going to incorporate more of my life into it as well.
Oh and I'll post my graduation picture next week, so make sure to keep an eye out for that(;

Here's a couple of snapshots of my grandma's chihuahua form Puerto Rico:

Sorry that was random, but I promise you guys I have so many ideas in store for you guys on this blog.  And I have a ton of recent photos and stories of my life to post too, so get exctied<3


  1. I was sad about picnik dying too... but now they have picmonkey! Check it out - it's quite intuitive and is free just like picnik. :)


  2. Just re-found your blog.(: Glad you're back! And I'm in the same boat, no Picnik! Your pictures are gorgeous by the way! Love the cupcake wrappers!(:

    Love, savannah<3


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