Jan 7, 2013

oh little toad

Whenever I visit my Grandma and Grandpa's house, one of the first things I question there is if there are any toads or frogs in the basement.  Okay I know that sounds really strange, let me explain.  In their basement there is a narrow window on the wall. If you open the window, you don't see trees or the sky or anything, as it's in the basement.  Instead you see this curved, metal-shield type of thing, which is basically preventing any of the dirt under the grass from coming into the basement.  The base of this little area is covered in foam and stones (look in the first photo below), and there's an opening above which is the ground level.  I'm terrible at describing this guys, ugh I wish I would've taken a picture for you.  

Well anyways, sometimes in the spring or summer there are little creatures who fall into the opening and land in here.  This is why I always ask my grandparents (well mostly my Grandpa, my Grandma isn't too comfortable being around things that jump) if anything has fallen, so we could get them out and free them to their backyard.

Last summer, I was ecstatic that we found something, and that I had brought my camera with me.

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